Our New Home

Welcome to a tour of our home for the next two months, the Toyota HiAce camper van. Starting in Perth, we will be taking the van on a 3,800 mile road trip to Brisbane.


The first surprise on picking up the van was that it is an automatic. After a quick google to make sure we knew how to drive it properly we were on our way. We both had a quick practice in the quiet suburbs around the airport and had soon got the hang of it.

It was definitely a help still driving on the left hand side of the road. In fact the most complicated part of driving so far has been the indicators on the right side of the steering wheel – far more confusing than you would think, but good news for the windscreen which was getting washed at every corner.

Justifying our decision to rent rather than buy a van, the front is even more kitted out than we expected, with air con, a sat nav, aux cable and reversing sensors.


Now for a tour of our Kitchen area, where we have already been cooking up a storm. All somehow included in this compact space is a fridge, sink, microwave, kettle, toaster and 2 hobs, as well as all the other kitchenware we might need. However, we did first have to work out how to connect the electricity and water!


The living area is equally impressive and is where the camper van comes into its own. Surprisingly spacious (for us anyway), we can choose between a full double bed or dining table and sofas.


It is quick  and easy to change around and there is more than enough storage underneath the sofas and in the roof. In fact we’ve even managed to unpack some of our vacuum bags!


We’ve had a great first few nights in our van, and we’re now looking forward to leaving Perth and making a start on the road trip.

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