Beaches around Perth

The city of Perth is surrounded by some of the best beaches in Western Australia, so it was only right that we spent some time exploring them. Top of our list was Freemantle, one of the oldest settlements in Western Australia, and just 22km south of Perth.

After a very nice flat white in Il Cibo (they really are good over here), we spent sometime walking along the beach and pier, watching the many fishermen at work and taking in the impressive views over to Rottnest Island.


After only a few weeks Rachael was missing being in prison, so we decided to take a look around Freemantle prison. Opened in 1855 to house British convicts, some of the cells have now been converted into hotel rooms and look somewhat different to the originals.


There was also time to visit the Little Creatures brewery where we took a break from the sun and treated ourselves to lunch and some very good beer and cider, with the pale ale particularly impressive. Situated in an old crocodile farm, the brewery provides great views out across Freemantle harbour, and thankfully all the crocodiles are long gone.

We managed to time our visit to Freemantle with a performing arts festival, and many of the roads were closed off with performances going on all around us. We were however more impressed with the Freo Rainbow art installation, which was installed in 2016 and is constructed from nine recycled shopping containers.

Making our way back from Freemantle we decided to stop at Cottesloe beach, which is around halfway between central Perth and Freemantle . We quickly made the 10 minute walk from the train station to the beach, and arrived just in time to watch the sun set behind the pier.

We were also able to visit a couple of the other beaches around Perth on Monday as we made our way south. First up was Scarborough, and as with our day at Ascot it was fun comparing to the original. The overcast weather actually made it seem a lot more like the UK, and the jackets almost came out. Some of the locals we undeterred by this, with one guy giving us his best Baywatch impression as you can see below.


The beach itself was very nice, covered in fine white sand. However there was clearly lots of renovations going on, and the edge of the beach resembled more of a building site. I would expect it to be far more impressive once all this work is completed.

We also visited the huge City beach, and again it was an impressively large stretch of white sand, which we made time to take a walk along. We were hoping to hear the beaches shark alarms in action, although there was a lot of people swimming so it’s probably best they stayed quiet.

On our first day after leaving Perth we made it as far as Busselton, and parked up at Grace Caravan Park, which was a very reasonable $18(£10.60)/night for a powered site. It also happened to be right on the beachfront, so we quickly made our way down there just in time for another perfect sunset.

Next up we will be exploring the Margaret river region, which is famous for its wineries.

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