Our Tour of Margaret River

We started our tour of the Margaret River region with what we thought was going to be a short stroll along Busselton Jetty. However, it turns out it’s actually the Southern Hemisphere’s longest wooden jetty at 1.8km long. No wonder there is a train to the end!


We were a little concerned when we did make it to the end and looked at the sign showing the distance to all of the World’s major cities, as well the largest Australian ones. Only 3,670km to Brisbane then, and that’s in a straight line.


Our tour of the region also took us to the most south westerly point of mainland Australia (and even further from Brisbane), Cape Leeuwin. Located on the barren headland is the tallest lighthouse in Western Australia, which looks out onto the point where the Southern and Indian oceans meet.


We paid a reasonable $12 (£7) each for entrance to the site, which also included an audio-tour, and was more than worth it just for the photo opportunities. We even managed to time our visit with a rainbow.


Most important of all we made sure that we sampled some of the wine that the Margaret River region is famous for. Given we were driving we limited ourselves to just two of the many wineries, House of Cards and Lenton Brae.

Now we have started to get the hang of this wine tasting and even had a favourite this time – the House of Cards 2015 Malbec, a bargain at just $48 (£28) a bottle!


As with Swan Valley there was a variety of other food and drink to sample. Highlights included the Avo-lager at the Bushshack Brewery, made using avocado skin rather than hops, as well as lots more luxury chocolate, nougat and fudge.

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