Walpole to Albany

So the distances between stops (and petrol stations) definitely started to increase as we travelled further away from Perth. However, we still found our days packed with things to see and do in between the driving.

The biggest challenge has been fitting it all in while still making it to a campsite, before darkness and the kangaroos make driving more dangerous. So far all of our encounters with kangaroos have involved them harmlessly hopping across the road in front of us, although Rachael has already managed to kill one bird.


On the road to Albany is the Valley of the Giants tree top walk, which we had both been very excited to visit, and it did not disappoint. We arrived early to avoid the crowds, and to start with almost had the place to ourselves.

After paying the entrance fee of $21(£13) each, we made a start on the treetop walk. The steel walkway take you on a 600m journey through the treetops up to a height of 40m, really putting into perspective the size of the these giants tingle trees, with some estimated to be over 400 years old.


We followed this with the Ancient Empire walk, where you get a completely different perspective as you walk around the huge trunks of the trees, some hollowed out by either animals or bushfires, but still continuing to grow.

Grandma Tree.jpg

Just a further 15km down the road is the William Bay National Park where we spent a couple of hours exploring. Free to enter, the parks two main attractions are the Elephant Rocks and the Green Pool.

Elephant Rocks.jpg

Some of the huge granite boulders do just about resemble elephants if you look hard enough. With a bit of climbing, the best views were from cliffs surrounding the small cove.

The Green Pool which can be reached by walking around the headland, was full of people swimming in the sheltered, calm waters. The beach was the busiest we had seen so far, and was full of families taking advantage of the perfect weather.

Green Pool.jpg

We didn’t spend long in Albany, one of the larger towns on our journey east but we did stop for a quick lunch at Middleton beach, which again seemed to be very popular with holidaymakers.


We finished our visit with a walk along the Ellen Cove Boardwalk, which climbs up the surrounding cliffs and round to Albany’s Princess Royal harbour, before driving on to Jerramungup, a sleepy, nondescript town where we found a campsite (and very little else) for the night.

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