The Grampians National Park

High on our list of things to do in Australia was hiking in the Grampians National Park, which is located in Victoria, 250km north of Melbourne. We decided to spend two days exploring as much as we could of the huge park.

First up was the Pinnacle walk, a 4.2km trail which is one of the parks most popular. The walk ascended first through the Grand Canyon. Although it did not appear to resemble the American version and is on a much smaller scale, it was still very impressive and made for a great walk.


While the distance doesn’t sound long, the walk was mostly uphill and we had to scramble our way over the rocks at certain points. We reached the pinnacle lookout, where the incredible views of the Grampians National Park and surrounding area stretched far into the distance.


Given that we finished our first walk earlier than expected, we also completed the short 2.4km walk to Turret falls. This was considerably less impressive, given the lack of rainfall over the previous few months. With no time to waste we proceeded to the Mackenzie falls, situated just a 15 minute drive further into the park.


With viewing platforms high above, and at the base of the falls, the 2km walk involved plenty of steps but it was well worth it and this definitely ranks as the best waterfall of the trip so far.


We also managed to visit both Reed balconies and the Boroka lookout. Reed balconies provided us with a great spot for a picnic and the view would have been impressive, however by this point the weather had turned and the thick clouds blocked any sort of view.

Despite a very long day of walking,  and with our legs still aching, we decided to embark on a 6.4km walk to the summit of Mount Abrupt the following morning. The walk had a steep uphill climb from the onset and provided some spectacular views over Dunkeld town and to the Grampian peaks in the distance.


Unfortunately, by the time we had reached the summit, we were so high that we were actually walking through a rain cloud, meaning we were wet, cold and could hardly see each other let alone a view.


Both before and after our walk in the Grampians, we stayed at the Park’s Wannon Crossing campsite. On the positive side this provided us with a great base for the walks and was free due it being out of season. However, it was also home to an angry 6ft kangaroo, and what looked like a tarantula living in the toilet!


We could have happily spent longer exploring even more of the park, and it is definitely our favourite of the National Parks we have visited so far.

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