The South Coast of New South Wales

We spent several days travelling north through New South Wales, as we made our way towards Sydney. As with the rest of our journey there was plenty to see along the way.

Our first stop was in the Ben Boyd National Park, where we walked the short Pinnacles trail. This 2km loop provided a lookout to the Pinnacles formation, where erosion has uncovered layers of bright white and orange rock in the cliffs.


There was some more interesting rock formations to be found as we passed through the town of Narooma. Firstly we visited Australia Rock, so named because the hole in the rock face resembles the outline of the country. We couldn’t see much more than a passing resemblance, but either way it still provided a great photo opportunity.


This was followed by the Glasshouse Rocks, which unfortunately due to high tide, we could only view from the clifftop, rather than down on the beach. However even from a distance they were still impressive.


We found some more contenders for the best beach in Australia during our time in Jervis Bay. Our favourite was Hyams Beach, where for once we actually decided to take a break from our hectic schedule to relax for a few hours. The perfect white sand was similar to some of the beaches in Western Australia, and the fact that we almost had the entire beach to ourselves made it even more amazing.


We also stopped at Greenfield Beach, a small and peaceful cove, where we made use of the free BBQs, before sitting on the sand to enjoy our lunch. We drove past several other beautiful looking beaches as we made our way up the coast, and hope to return in the future to explore more of Jervis Bay.


Our journey then took us inland, where we made a short stop at the charming little town of Berry. We sampled the cinnamon donuts at the Famous Berry Donut Van before wandering along the busy high street, home to plenty of high end restaurants and shops.

Our luck was in when we visited the town of Kiama, which is famous for its blowhole. The sea conditions were such that every few minutes water would shoot out of the hole high into the air, providing spectacular views from the surrounding platform. However capturing this photo did take a lot of patience.


The next day started with a trip to Wollongong, the third largest city in NSW, and just over an hour from Sydney. We enjoyed an early morning walk around Flagstaff Hill, which is home to two lighthouses, before taking a short walk along the popular North Wollongong Beach. We were treated to another perfectly clear morning, and the boardwalk stretching along the seafront was full of joggers and dog walkers.

Wollongong (2).jpg

The road to Sydney took us along the Sea Cliff Bridge, one of the highlights of the Grand Pacific Drive, which stretches from the Nowra to the suburbs of Sydney. The impressive 600m bridge was completed in 2005, and was built away from the cliffs to limit the risk from erosion and landslides. We initially drove along the bridge before walking back along the footpath to the take in the views.


Just further up the coast from this was the Bald Hill lookout, which is a popular spot for paragliding. There was also brilliant views along the coastline, with the Sea Cliff Bridge in the distance.

Bald Hill.jpg


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