The End of Our Road Trip

So after 57 days we finally made it to Brisbane, the last stop on our road trip, where we begrudgingly returned our campervan. Here’s a few interesting numbers from our epic journey:

  • Total miles travelled: 7,223
  • Total miles walked (according to my sometimes dubious Fitbit): 505


  • Total amount spent on petrol: $1,898 (£1,200)
  • Total number of campsites: 38 (21 were free)
  • Total amount spent on campsites: $787 (£498)


  • Number of beaches visited: 118
  • Number of National Parks visited: 24
  • Number of sports grounds visited: 2


  • Number of kangaroos: 20,000
  • Number of whales: 4
  • Number of sharks: 0
  • Number of snakes 0


  • Number of wineries visited: 9
  • Number of breweries visited: 14
  • Number of beers tasted: 56
  • Number of coffee shops visited: 28
  • Number of chocolate factories visited: 7


  • Highest temperature: 29°c (Freemantle)
  • Lowest temperature: -2°c (Dinner Plain)


  • Number of arguments: we couldn’t agree on this one, but I think 4

While our 8 week campervan adventure may be over, our time in Australia is really only just beginning. Although the next part will unfortunately involve returning to work, we still can’t wait to explore more of this amazing country.

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