Back in Sydney

So after our slight change of plan, we are now well settled into our new life in Sydney and it has begun to feel like home far quicker than expected. Unfortunately it has been a little more difficult to keep the blog up to date, as the last six weeks have consisted of us both starting new jobs and finding somewhere to live. However, hopefully I will have more time to write in the coming weeks, with lots of exploring to do in Sydney and the surrounding area.


We spent the first three weeks in Sydney staying in our friends amazing apartment in Bondi, which was a great place to begin life in a new city. While we enjoyed living so close to the beach, we decided to look for somewhere closer to the CBD for our own flat.


After looking around lots of suburbs, and viewing a number of flats of varying quality, we decided on the area of Glebe, in Sydney’s popular Inner West. The bustling suburb is home to a great mix of shops, cafes and restaurants, all centred around the busy Glebe Point Road. I will put together a more detailed post on Glebe in the coming weeks, but it’s fair to say we are very happy with our choice so far, and have been busy exploring all that the area has to offer!


Our flat is located just a short walk from Glebe Point Road, and we are sharing with a Brazilian/Canadian couple who have lived here for several years. The spacious two bedroom flat is located at the top of the building on the third floor, which means the view of the city from the balcony is brilliant, especially at sunrise.


As for work, we were both lucky enough to be offered the first job we were interviewed for, and we are now already a month into our contracts. Rachael is working as a Senior Clinical Consultant, while I am back in the exciting world of Management Accounting.

After the initial shock of retuning to work following three months off (and the first Monday was truly awful), we have managed to get our brains working again, and have settled back into the Monday to Friday routine.



I am working right in the CBD, and the views from my 28th floor office are great, with glimpses of the Harbour Bridge between the surrounding high-rise buildings. It also means I am just a five minute walk from Circular Quay, and I have already spent several lunch breaks sat watching the swarms of tourists and admiring the view of the Opera House. It definitely beats a business park on the outskirts of Coventry for location!


Rachael is working well out of the City in the sprawling western suburbs, with her office located in Bella Vista, a 40 minute drive from Glebe. However she does have the luxury of travelling to work in her brand new company car, so try not to feel too sorry for her. I certainly don’t as I wait at the bus stop each morning.

Although most of our exploring is currently limited to weekends, we have still managed to see plenty of what Sydney has to offer already. Hopefully I will have more time to write in the coming weeks, and give lots more updates on our adventures.



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