Camping in Jervis Bay

After lots of day trips out of Sydney, we decided to go a little further afield for our first Australian camping trip, heading a few hours south along the coast, past Jervis Bay, to Meroo National Park. Setting off on Saturday morning, we hit the road early in the hope of avoiding the worst of the traffic from the routine weekend exodus from the city.

With just a short breakfast stop in the picturesque little town of Berry, we arrived at Meroo campsite mid-morning and immediately began setting up camp. With the campsite well into the forest, and just a small number of fellow campers, there was a great remote feel to the place.

We made the trip with our friends Becki and James, who let us use their spare tent, as well as bringing a stovel and even more importantly – a hammock!


We spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beautiful and deserted beach, which is just a few minutes walk from the campsite. There is definitely more than enough amazing beaches to share around in this country!

Unfortunately, while there was plenty of sunshine, we didn’t pick the warmest of weekends for our trip, and as soon as darkness began to set in we made our way back to the tents to start up a campfire. Having stocked up on wood and kindling, this managed to keep us warm for a great night of food, drinks and games around the fire.


With such a perfect location on the beach, it was the ideal opportunity to enjoy an amazing sunrise, and we did just that on Sunday morning. It’s safe to say that this time it was definitely worth the early alarm!


The great start to the day continued, as we sat down on the beach to enjoy a breakfast of bacon and egg rolls, and were joined by a pod of dolphins splashing their way through the water, and past us to the other side of the beach.


After packing up the tents, we began our journey back to Sydney, stopping on the way at Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay. After paying the $11 (£7) entrance fee we drove through the park to the popular Cave Beach.

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse at this point, with thick black storm clouds arriving, seemingly out of nowhere. After a brief and windswept walk towards the beach we decided to head back to the car, cutting our visit short and continuing on our journey home.

It was great fun going on our first camping trip, and we are looking forward to planning some more especially once summer arrives!

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