‘Working’ in Coffs Harbour

With Rachael required to spend a day working in Coffs Harbour on one of her many business trips, I decided to book some time off and join her to make a weekend of it.

We arrived late on Thursday night, having made the long six hour drive immediately after finishing work. This was especially challenging given my day had started at 2am watching England’s tense World Cup victory against Columbia.

Despite this we were up early the next morning, finding a great little café for breakfast before I dropped Rachael at work for the day. Feeling energetic, I walked towards the harbour, before following the esplanade around to the southern break wall. With clear blue sky, it was a perfect winter day and I was more than happy with my decision to take a day off work.

Coffs Harbour.jpg

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Newcastle and Port Stephens

Newcastle is the second largest city in New South Wales, situated 170km north of Sydney. Although traditionally an industrial city, its reputation has grown in recent years, including being named in Lonely Planets top 10 cities to visit several years ago.

After arriving early, we walked through the large King Edward Park. This was another place where the Australian outdoor lifestyle was clear to see, with the pathways full of people walking and jogging.  We also walked along the memorial walk, a cliff top walkway which was opened in 2015 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing.

Nearby is the Bogey Hole ocean pool, which is believed to be the oldest European structure in the area, dating back to 1818. However it now seems to be far more popular with fishermen than swimmers.


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